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Your enterprise faces an increasingly complex regulatory environment, one in which just staying up-to-date on occupational safety or environmental regulations can become a full-time job. Complying with federal and state employee benefits can be very tedious. Let Corporate Security Solutions, Inc. (CSSI) assist you. We are here to help you with rules and law complexities and their consequences or risks of noncompliance.

Both the OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations are designed to help ensure safety in the workplace. And both are subject to ongoing changes that affect your company’s security exposure. We always make sure that you get the latest and the best practices in the industry.

Corporate Security Solutions
Corporate Security Solutions

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Corporate Security Solutions

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Corporate Security Solutions

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Another major issue for companies is the proper handling of hazardous materials and chemicals: from secure shipment and dumping, to safe transportation and the limiting of terrorist threats related to hazardous materials. Effective handling of hazardous materials is an important factor in managing security risk.

How to address sexual harassment and workplace violence should also be a part of your overall corporate security plan. In matters relating to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), CSSI can act as mediator between you and the government, handling all necessary paperwork. We also provide you with written procedures to help minimize the incidence of these issues.

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These and other regulations are constantly changing and adding new levels of complexity. Take the necessary steps to keep current as regulations change and ensure that your standard operating procedures are adequate.

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